Developer Information

This website is developed by ICT team working at MoFALD.Team Members involved in developing this website are :-

Name Designation
Apurwa Singh ICT Expert, National UN Volunteer
Niroj Karki System Analyst, National UN Volunteer
Ram Krishna Bhetwal     ICT Volunteer
Abhisek Shrestha     ICT Volunteer

They are the individuals recruited under LGCDP Project.Local Governance and Community Development Program (LGCDP) is a national program implemented under Ministry of Federal Affairs and Local Development (MOFALD) with technical and financial assistance of development partners. The goal is to contribute towards poverty reduction through inclusive, responsive and accountable local governance and participatory community-led development.As per the MOU between MOFALD and Tribhuwan University/ Institute of Engineering (TU/IOE) under University Volunteering Scheme (UVS), ICT Volunteers were assigned in local bodies to support Information Communication and Technology (ICT).